Our project-based on at least one Key Competence under the ERF (European Reference Framework), is important to
promote European competitiveness and the establishment of an organized society based on knowledge.

An objective of the project is that students will understand that real-life situations can be solved with mathematical
problems and equations (ERF: Skills: “…to approach and solve problems in everyday life…,”) general results are through real events the students will have to face interdisciplinary science problems they will also consider the environmental issues. We improve students communication ability in another language, group working skills.

Our results will be part of our objectives so objectives and results are regarded the same.

OBJECTIVES&RESULTS: T=teacher, S=student

Main Goal: To make students understand the importance of Maths, technology, and science in real-life situations to make
them meaningful by collaborative learning,(S, T)(Promoting Excellence in STEM)

A) discovering and doing activities reducing the carbon footprint using science and tech
B) observing and discovering new and different teaching skills (T)( Further exploring the potential of innovative and active
pedagogies such as interdisciplinary teaching and collaborative methods, to enhance the development of relevant and
high– level skills)(Supporting teac. & Teac. Prf.) competences, while fostering inclusive education, including for
disadvantaged learners and learners with disabilities (Priorities applying to all Erasmus+ sectors )
C) improving communication among teachers who are teaching same or similar subjects in different countries
(T)(Promoting and rewarding excel. in teach. and skills dev. and comp. , while fostering inclusive education, including for
disadvantaged learners and learners with disabilities” (New priorities for European cooperation in education and training
(2015/C 417/04) )
D) giving students the sense that mathematics and science are not that hard and they are something can resource &
publish it online (S, T)
F) improving ICT, communicating, cooperation and group working abilities (S,T)(adressing Digital transformation)
G) Improving L2, enhancing presentation skills in foreign language (S,T)(teaching foreign language)
H) enhancing students’ self confidence by their contributions (S)
I) Promoting language skills of
students and teachers who are working in international groups (S, T)( supporting teah. for. lang.)
J) discovering the cultural diversity in Europe and also the similarities in different cultures discovering new educational
systems, prepargiving stdents the idea that world is gettig smaller via globalisation (S, T)(Common values, civic engagement and participation)
K) cooperatiing with regional research centers and organize with them a concrete research experience. (S,T)
J) learning new ways to use use tech  5 / 46 EN


– Incresing students -motivation on science and maths -ability to express themselves foreign language skills
– Improving teachers teaching profession abilities
– Enhancing group working abilities – enhancing teachers’ and pupils’ IT skills
– Decreasing early school tackling via increasing the students love and understanding on SCi & Maths
– Using CLIL methodology for Lang. learning,
– Increasing thinking ability (Promoting Excellence in STEM)
– Improving eco-friendly manners & ICT Skill